Focus on Netflix UK: top watch for January

What? Hilda.

A cartoon with a strong female lead who’s quite different. Lots of adventure and strangeness! Ghosts, gnomes and trolls! What else do you need!?

My thoughts-

I love it! Great colours and storylines to get you hooked. I love Hilda and her mum’s relationship and how all Hilda’s friends accept each other for who they are not what they have in common.

Why watch it?

If you like quirky this is for you. It reminds me of Adventure Time slightly. It has good characters and the relationships are well created and deepening as I watch the series.

Let me know what you think of Hilda? Like or hate?

10 things I’d like to do some time in the non specified future

1. Work with a service dog

2. Go on a cruise

3. Have something published

4. Go to Disneyland Paris

5. Make my wheelchair into a powered one

6. Sell a piece of art work

7. Make money for a charity i support

8. Have a family photoshoot

9. Meet Helena Bonham Carter

10. Go to a beach where it’s actually warm!

Do you have 10 or more/ less things you’d like to do sometime? I love to know yours as it’s quite an interesting concept!


Leonard is my therapy

As she sits on my knee

Looking up at me

And I wonder what she’s thinking

What thoughts go on in her mind

When neurones fire

What her small brain conspires

If she understands my love for her

That I’ll always be there for her

Like she’s always there for me

Letting me know I am not alone

That she has my back

We’re safe at home

Together in whatever mess

the world holds today

Together we can keep being okay

Stories of mind

Those rattling words that go around my head

Each time counting to get rid of the thoughts

Those that consume and conquer

A pale comparison to a helpful memoir

Of tales to tell just because

Not made to tell just for other people’s need

Of my need perhaps

Or perhaps their need

That thoughts have a mind of their own

Scary and dark

Twisted in the way they pretend to only be words

Inadequate objects that have labels

My words that mean something to me

Only I can tell the world their meaning

But in the end seem to own me

Only candles

I sit in a room with only candles

Wondering how I got here.

How did I manage to encase myself with such darkness

which never seems to end.

Only flickering gives light relief.

The sweet flicker of ending time.

Of dark to light and back again.

But why I made my place here

In the dark

I’ll never be able to answer.

Such questions are too difficult to manage

when I am living in void of laughter.

With tears and no joy.

Of gates without keys to their locks.

With a heart of stone which never breaks but frequently starts

beating the way one never should.

I sit in a room with only candles and wonder why

I never turn another light on.

I wonder why I stayed here this long.

My top tips for surviving new meds

My top tips for surviving medication side effects; whether you’re riding them out and never taking the med again or hoping the effects will go away with time.

1. Remember the side effects are not forever. They will end.

2. Rest if you need to. You’re not being lazy, you are looking after yourself.

3. Call on social support if you need it. Side effects can feel lonely.

4. If you are worried ring your GP or ring 111 if you’re in the UK and it’s not a emergency. There’s no shame in checking you are okay. Side effects can be scary!

5. Eat & drink enough. This goes without saying really.

6. Cry when you need to. But remember it’s the meds!!

7. Do whatever you can to get through it but make sure you are keeping yourself safe.